Online Video Counseling

Care Port Counseling is online video counseling for those who live and serve abroad – whether you’re in the military, in missions, or some type of humanitarian aid work, we’re here to help.

Resources and Services

Life away from your homeland can be the most exciting adventure of your life, but it can also have its challenges. Browse the pages here to see what Care Port has to offer in the way of resources and services, or go directly to our Counseling Request form.


Concerned about the price of therapy? Worry no more. Care Port is a nonprofit organization with donors who care about YOU! Their gifts subsidize your counseling so that just about anyone can afford to get the help they need. Rates are flexible if needed. The current rate for counseling is $40/hour.


Care Port also serves nonprofit organizations serving abroad through mental health consulting. Having more than 20 years experience working overseas and almost 10 years counseling and consulting overseas workers, Care Port can help with difficult personnel situations and how to handle crisis events abroad. The current rate is $40/hour. Just fill out the Consultation Request.

Online Counseling – not for everyone

Not all struggles or issues are suitable for online communication. More severe situations of psychosis, threat of harm (to self or others), some addictions, and others would be better served in person. Check the advantages and disadvantages on the Counseling page.