Research is beginning to confirm that much growth and progress can be made through video counseling over the Internet. But it’s not right for everybody, some constraints do apply.

Some situations require in-person help. If your counselor determines AT ANY TIME that the situation needs more help than online therapy can provide, she will inform you of that and explore the possibilities with you.

High speed Internet access is needed to provide useful video as well as audio interaction. So much is conveyed through a person’s face and even body posture that both video and audio are required to pursue counseling through Care Port.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both in person and online therapy. For online counseling, these include:


  • Makes counseling possible for some who are located in places where counseling services are not accessible.
  • A potential increase in sense of safety by not going to an office. This can also be true for some who prefer to express themselves more fully in a more anonymous environment.
  • There may be less stigma, and greater confidentiality, by not appearing at a counseling office.


  • The client may feel distant from the counselor, or may not experience comfort as tangibly as in person.
  • Technology does have its occasional breakdowns.
  • Some people say relationships tend to be more superficial online, while others say people tend to be more open and honest in the somewhat more anonymous environment. This will depend on each person’s personality.

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