The widow who gave all she had

Mark 12:41-44 tells the story of a widow who gave all she had to the temple treasury – just a couple small coins. Jesus applauded her generosity by giving all she had. I often wonder what happened to that woman. Did God provide for her in some way, so that she had something to eat after that? Was she poor and destitute and eventually die of starvation? Or maybe God took her to be with him right afterward. I don’t know. But recently it struck me, does it really matter? I mean in light of the Lord’s approval and the eternal riches in the spiritual realm that would be hers soon, does it really matter just how many more days she had on the earth in poverty? Don’t get me wrong, I hope she didn’t suffer. But her faith was laying up for her treasure in heaven. As Paul says, the sufferings of this life are nothing in comparison to the glories that will follow. She’s not poor any more.

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